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AirRider, Advanced Seating Technology

AirRider, Advanced Seating Technology

After 2 years of devolopment, the AirRider is Now available in 4 sizes.

How it works

Using air cell technology, we have produced a product that, at the touch of a button, self adjusts in seconds to suit individual requirements, no need for electrical connections or pumping up!

The air cell has a patented valve, which when pressed, self inflates. When you sit on the cushion, press the button again to release air until the desired comfort level is achieved. If you feel that you have released too much air, just take ones weight off the cushion and press the button to reinflate, simple!
Please note that only a minimum volume of air is required.
You can see the AirRider being demonstrated by visiting the link below.


Four sizes are available to cover most motorcycles.

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